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GBN is grateful for communicating your enthusiasm for making a contribution to our blog. We welcome you and your creative thoughts from our developing community. This is what you have to know:

Guidelines for Currant News Writers:

A minimum of 900 words will be acknowledged with 1 do-follow link.
Guest posts ought to have sub-headings.
Link in 1st para will not be accepted.
Content must be SEO friendly.
All pictures must be in JPG or PNG format and of HD quality.
Make sure that the submitted post is unique (should not be published elsewhere), original, and most importantly plagiarism-free. If we discovered any loopholes, your content would not be published, and you won’t be able to hear from us.
You can’t publish anywhere else once published on GBN.
There should be no obscene, or adult or mature, gambling, vape content as that may hurt the reader in any way possible.
GBN reserves the right to edit formatting and wording of your article if required.
A maximum of ONE Outbound Link will be permitted in the post either in the content body or author’s bio. If you want 2nd link, you need to convince me of the relevant links only and the minimum word count is 1500.
Lastly, Don’t send robotic pitches for your guest posts, be authentic, and give me the best of your composition. I have a perfect audience here, and I would prefer not to disappoint them!
How to Become A Guest Poster
Kindly send an email on currantnews@outlook.com giving us a brief outline of the topic you want to write.
Once we agree, we will instruct you to compose an article on it, after which you have to send the whole article as an attachment.
If our team is not satisfied with your first draft, we will guide you to roll out essential improvements.
After you are finished with the changes, we will audit the article once more, and either favors it or send for necessary changes again.
The procedure will proceed until we discover your article fit for our site.
When the article is according to every one of our rules, we will send you a confirmation mail, when your article is live on our site.
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